A Glossary of Bingo Terms and Slang

Bingo Terms

How familiar are you with Bingo terminology and slang? Well, if you want to find out, continue reading this article!

Bingo Terminology and Slang You Need to Know

Bingo is surely one of the most social games out there. If you were to enter a bingo hall, then you’d see a lot of chatter going around you. This form of a lottery game is extremely easy to learn as the rules are quite basic. However, it will take you a while to get acquainted with all of the lingo people use while playing it. And some believe that the main reason each game develops a language of its own is that it, in a way, boosts their appeal.

So, it’s only natural that Bingo game has its own terminology as well. And trust us, once you learn the basic terms, you’ll feel better and more confident while playing. If you’re willing to learn, then we’d suggest going through this glossary that has some widespread and obscure words. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, this list will come in handy wherever you are. Next time you’re waiting for the numbers to be called, show everyone how well-versed you are and you’ll leave them impressed!

Now let’s go through Bingo terms and some fun slang!

Bingo Terms


Admission Pack — Certain gambling venues and Bingo halls have a set number of cards players need to purchase in each session. The actual number of cards in the pack differs from venue to venue. But more often than not, there are about 3 to 6 of them.

After Games — This refers to a Bingo game that begins after the usual session. You wouldn’t use this term while playing online because Bingo is always available there.

Any Way — If you hear that someone is playing the game “any way”, then you’ll now that they’re referring to the fact that they can form the winning pattern in any way, i.e., in any direction. For instance, they can win either by completing the pattern on the right, left, or upside down.

Auto-Daub — An option you can find while playing online Bingo. If you enable it, it will cross off the numbers without any assistance from you. It’s a popular function because Bingo players don’t have to sit in front of their computers while the session is ongoing. Also, they can play the maximum amount of cards without worrying that they’ll miss a number.


Ball Gate — A part of the ball machine whose function is to pass the ball into the main field.

Ball Lifter — Quite literally, it lifts the ball from the field and onto the shooter tip.

Ball Runway — The ball goes through this passage so that it could enter the main area.

Ball Shooter — A mechanism that launches the ball which, consequently, arrives into the playfield area.

Basket Bingo — A variant of this game where people receive basket prizes instead of money. It is usually prevalent in churches or fundraising events.

Beano — Before everyone started to use the word “Bingo”, this game was called “Beano”. It got this colorful name because players would use beans to mark the called numbers.

Bingo — A game which is quite popular across the world. During the course of it, you have to say “Bingo” out loud once you get the winning pattern if you want to prevail.

Bingo Board — Most Bingo halls use a screen on which they display all the drawn numbers. Those who failed to hear the numbers could see them on the board.

Bingo Booklet — A set of Bingo cards people use throughout a session. They purchase them before the game and are usually cheaper than buying the cards separately.

Bingo Card — A card that players use to mark their numbers off. It’s comprised of rows and columns. For instance, in 75-ball Bingo it has 5 of each and a part that reads “B-I-N-G-O”. You’ll usually find a free space right in the middle of the card.

Bingo Marker — As its name would suggest, this is a pen you use to check all the numbers on the card. It also goes by the name of “dauber”.

Blackout — A type of game during which a participant needs to cross all the numbers on the card. Generally, the caller needs to draw around 50 to 60 numbers in order for someone to win. Sometimes casino operators even provide jackpot prizes if a person gets the blackout after only a fixed number of balls have been drawn.

Blower — The device whose system blows the air which then mixes the balls and propels one to the caller.

Bonanza Bingo — This is a progressive version of Bingo. The caller draws from 43 to 48 numbers. However, if no one wins after all of them have been displayed, then the game will continue in another session. With each new session, the caller will increase the number of drawn numbers so that they could get the winner.

Buy-in — The act of purchasing Bingo cards.

Buzzword Bingo — A variant that doesn’t use numbers on the cards, rather they feature buzzwords.


Caller — An employee whose task is to call out the numbers as they are drawn from the machine.

Callers Choice — In this Bingo variant, the caller is permitted to opt for the target pattern. Bear in mind that they won’t tell what it is prior to the beginning of the game.

Card — See Bingo Card.

Cash Ball — A progressive jackpot during which a number is drawn before the session commences. If you want to hit the jackpot, then you should yell “Bingo” after the assigned ball is called out.

Cash-In Prize — Here, a player receives cash after winning. A particular venue will pay out the prize using the money they receive from all the participants. In most cases, the prize is actually significantly lower than what the operator has received. The main reason being that they want to earn money.

Consolation Prize — If no one wins, then the operator will provide a consolation prize. Of course, it is considerably lower than the main award.

Coverall — See Blackout.


Dauber — See Bingo Marker.

Deposits — Once a player decides to play online Bingo, they need to deposit money if they want to purchase Bingo cards.

Diagonal Line — This is one of the winning patterns. A player needs to cross off the numbers from one corner to another.

Diamond — Another winning pattern. Here, the numbers have to form the shape of a diamond.


Early Birds — A game session which starts long before the regular one.


Face/Card — A singular Bingo card that is comprised of 24 numbers and has one free space right in the middle of it.

Fair And Square — A game that requires each participant to have the same number of cards. In this way, no one will have an advantage over anybody.

Flimsies — Some people call them throwaways. They are thin sheets of paper that can include about 9 Bingo cards. Due to the material, they are usually cheaper than the popular cards.

Four Corners — In order to win, you would need to cover the four corners on the card.

Free Space Number — The space located in the middle of the card. It doesn’t have any number.

Full House See Blackout.


Game Board — You’ll find it next to the Bingo board. In its case, it displays the pattern you need to form in order to win.

Game Room — Online casinos tend to separate all their visitors into different game rooms. In this way, they manage the number of players engaged in one session.

G.T.I. — Stands for GameTech Inc. This company came up with its own electronic dauber system which a player can use online in case they have multiple cards.


Hard Card — This one was more popular back in the day. It has shutters which players use to cover their numbers. So, they don’t need to cross them off.

Hardway Bingo — A player gets the winning pattern without making use of the square in the middle, i.e., they disregard the free space.

House — Another term for a Bingo hall, land-based or online casino.


Inlaid Cards — A card that is already built into the table and not sold on a sheet of paper.

Instant Bingo — A scratch card with which you can play Bingo and win some cash prizes.


Jackpot — The biggest prize you can win while playing Bingo. It usually has some requirements you need to meet in order to be eligible for it. The most appealing thing is that the award for progressive jackpots rises until a lucky soul wins it.


Late Night Bingo — A game that commences in the evening and continues until the wee hours of the morning.

Lights Out — The last game before an operator shuts down the venue for the day.

Lucky Jar — This is a prize you receive if you guess the lucky number. The number is drawn at the start of the game.


Main Stage Bingo — The principal game that attracts a lot of players.

Maximum Tickets — Most halls and casinos decide to limit the number of cards players can buy. The amount varies from venue to venue.

Minimum Buy-in — The minimum amount you need to spend if you want to play for a prize.

Money Ball — It refers to the number which the caller draws before the game begins. If a player calls “Bingo” on it, then the venue will double their winnings.

Moonlight Bingo — See Late Night Bingo.

Multiple Winners — In case two or even more participants call out “Bingo” simultaneously then the venue will divide the prize equally.


Nine-Pack — A winning pattern according to which a player needs to get 9 numbers that together form a block.


On — When a participant is only one number short of “Bingo”, then the experts would say that they’re “on”.

On the Way — This refers to the game which occurs before Blackout. The players use the same card.


Pattern — A predetermined shape that participants need to form on their cards using the called numbers. There is a myriad of them, and the widespread ones are the diagonal or the horizontal line.

Payout — The cash the participants receive after winning. In most cases, there is a commission that a bingo hall deducts from the prize before paying it out.

Postage Stamp — A game in which you can win only if you form four squares in one of the corners on the card.

Pre-paid Bingo — A player purchases the cards and uses the auto-daub function online. This means that they don’t need to be in front of the computer to play.

Progressive Jackpot — Here, the prize increases until someone is able to land the winning pattern.


Quickie — The employee will call out the numbers as quickly as possible. And the players need to mark them fast if they don’t want to miss some of them.


Rainbow Pack — A form of an admission pack. The rainbow pack includes Bingo cards with various prize denominations.

Random Number Generator — RNG is a software that ensures that everyone has the same chances by picking the numbers randomly.


Session — A program that consists of various regular games.

Sheet — The paper that has the grid used in Bingo on it. Additionally, it includes numbers in each of the squares.

Shutter Board — See Hard Card.

Six-Pack — If you want to win in this particular case, then you have to envelop 6 squares in a block.

Special — This game occurs independently of the main session. Players have to pay the entry fee in order to compete for a special prize.

Speed Bingo — See Quickie.

Split Pot — A game during which the winner needs to split the winnings with a casino or a hall.


Texas Blackout A variation that some compare to Blackout Bingo. Here everything depends on the first number. Namely, it determines whether the Wild will be odd or even numbers. Depending on which ball is drawn, you’d need to cover either even or odd numbers in order to win.

Throwaways — See Flimsies.

Tickets — See Bingo Card.


Wrap Up — The final game during a session.

Bingo Slang

Whether you’re playing online Bingo or preparing to visit your favorite hall, you should know some of the slang used. We bring to you the most interesting ones out there!

Legs Eleven — This Bingo term is used when the caller draws the number 11. It’s used because this digit reminds some of a pair of long and slender legs.

Two Fat Ladies — Another number deserves this “label”. In this case, it’s 88 because people believe it resembles two overweight women.

Doctors Orders — This might be a bit obscure one, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It stands for the number 9. Back in the day, doctors would prescribe “Number 9” which would mean that they would hand out laxatives.

Clickety Click — If you hear this phrase, then you should know it refers to the number 66. During the game, you might hear “Clickety click, 66”.

Unlucky for some — Most of you are probably going to connect this phrase to the number 13, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The full sentence is “Unlucky for some, it’s number 13.”

You’re Set to Go!

By knowing these terms, you will be able to rub shoulders with all Bingo players! All that is left now is for you to find your favorite casino or hall, and start relying on your luck. So what are you waiting for — head there now!

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